Redwood Tree Essays

Redwood Tree Essays

The following essays are transcripts of talks given in Humboldt County in 1965 by professors of the U.C. Berkeley School of Forestry. They were duplicated on mimeographed paper, and filed in the U.C. Berkeley Forestry Library. In the interest of preserving them, they were OCRed, and converted into WWW documents.

Redwood Botany by Dr. Herbert G. Baker, 1965

Ecology of the Redwoods by Dr. Edward C. Stone, 1965

Man and Redwoods History by Dr. James P. Gilligan, 1965

Economic Questions in the Redwood Regions by Dr. John Zivnuskaska, 1965

The Enjoyment of the Redwoods by Dr. Paul J. Zinke, 1965

Soils and Ecology of the Redwoods by Dr. Paul J. Zinke, 1964

Management of Young Growth Redwood Forests by Professor Rudolf G. Grah, 1964

In fulfillment of his masters degree at San Jose State Univesity, James Snyder wrote a very comprehensive thesis on coastal redwoods. The main body of its text and three appendixes are provided here

The Ecology of Sequoia sempervirens, by James A. Snyder, December, 1992
Appendix 1 — Additional notes on the Spanish discovery of coast redwood
Appendix 2 — Redwood Species Comparisons
Appendix 3 — Geologic Time Scale
Appendix 4 — Estimated old-growth redwood forest
Appendix 5 — Register of the Largest Known Coast Redwoods
Appendix 6 — Investigation of record Douglas-fir in the Seymour Valley, British Columbia
Appendix 7 — Comparisons with Other Trees
Appendix 8 — Summary of Age Class Diameters for Redwood Stumps
Appendix 9 — Comparison of sprout and seedling regeneration by coast redwood after logging
Appendix 10 — Plants Associated with Redwoods

The following exerpts from publications by the US Forest Service and National Park Service are also of interest:

Silvics of Coastal Redwoods, US Forest Service, 1965 (33 KB)

Silvics of Sequoia Redwoods, US Forest Service, 1965 (17 KB)

Sequoia Range, National Park Service, 1975 (6 KB)