Testimonials for the askmar site!

Okay, we admit it, we’re a bit vain about the site. But you too, can have your moment of glory!

“Excellent web site. Liked the Art of Business and Computer Trends” Steven Zins, January 13, 1997

“I’ve found your brief and concise business plan outline very usefull, in fact more useful than a 200 hundred page book I recently purchased.” Tony Alexis, January 8, 1997

“I’ve taken a look at your website and found it really interesting.” David Greschler, Computer Museum, November 12, 1996

“I have found the information on your askmar page to be extremely valuable, and just wanted to say thanks.” goblue@power.net, May 12 1996

“Because you probably don’t get much feedback, I want to say that your website is well designed with excellent content. The design provides access to the info and doesn’t get in the way as is the case in many websites. Nicely done!” Scott Douglas, smdouglas@tcsn.com, April 2, 1997

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