Robert W. Bussard

Born August 11, 1928 in Washington DC and died on October 6, 2007 in Santa Fe, NM; Robert W. Bussard was a well known physicist, particularly to science fiction fans. In his memory, here are some of the articles that he wrote or was interviewed.

In his last interview, Robert Bussard made reference to the following article as to why non-tokamak fusion research finds it difficult to attract funding.

Bussard Interstellar Ramjet

The Science Digest article, “A Starship is Born” cites the following Robert Forward article in which the Bussard interstellar ramjet is discussed in more detail. The original 1960 Bussard interstellar ramjet paper follows, along with a 1975 paper discussing how to improve its efficiency.

Dr. Bussard investigated cold fusion and wrote the following paper:
A retrospective of nuclear fusion progress from 1950 to 1982 with emphasis on work at Princeton University.
On September 4, 2009; Dolly H Gray, executor for the Robert W. Bussard Estate, provided permission to republish his papers that had been reformatted and provided with color illustrations and updated references on this site.